In Metsovo village before Egnatia highway …

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  Once upon a time there was a Bishop traveling between Epirus and Thessaly in winter. Passing the Katara mountain passage (at an altitude of 1690 meters!) he fell into [...]

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The Vikos Gorge

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It is undoubtedly the hallmark of Zagori nature. A deep gorge in Epirus region, with vertical cliffs and breathtaking scenery that impose upon you in awe: the deepest part of [...]

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Who pays the ferryman?

By on April 25th    /    Culture,Epirus,Landscapes    /    0 Comments
  At first it sounded ominous: boating on Acheron river? Weird huh? At least it sounded a bit eccentric? I was that summer on Ammoudia coast, in Epirus region, traveling [...]

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Venus is gone …

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  The first time I passed by Kassopi, in Preveza mountains, in Epirus, I saw goats. And a flock of sheep too… Truly unusual visitors for an important archaeological site, [...]

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“Sterna” and its fairies

By on March 23rd    /    Culture,Epirus,People,Photos,Taste,Tops Taste    /    2 Comments
  I’m sure you’ve heard many extraordinary tales about fairies and their great love for lakes, rivers, cataracts, wells, cisterns, ponds. But this story is not a fairy tale. It [...]

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