The abbot of the Preveli monastery

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  I will not write here about the famous monastery of Preveli, located to the south of Rethymno , in Crete. I will not write about the famous Prevelis palm [...]

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The fools in the birthplace of Zeus

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      Lassithi Plateau, up on the mountains of Crete, was blurring in the background that noon. I sat in the shade of a holm oak and looked at [...]

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Oh, how I love the sea bottom…

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  It was the first time I had been inside an U.S. base in Greece. It was deserted and empty and I drove between ground abandoned buildings. It was the [...]

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The folk sculptor in Anogia

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  It was early afternoon, when I arrived at Anogia mountain village, in northern Crete. The bright spring sunshine draped the famous village, and a cool breeze was blowing from [...]

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Venetian Castle with celery

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  I’m in southern Crete. It’s springtime, nice and sweet. And I have with me a very lazy photographer. We arrived in Paleochora town on the shores of the Libyan [...]

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