Nemesis in Rhamnus

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This story has to do with justice, in a way… And it is quite old. it dates since the Battle of Marathon, in Ancient Greece. It is a story about [...]

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The crest of Halki

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The stories about knights rightfully belong to Rhodes. This here is a story about knights in Halki, the beautiful island of the Dodecanese, located to the east of Rhodes. A [...]

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The bridge in Neraidohori

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The village Neraidohori , is a magical place located in the valley of Acheloos river (also called Aspropotamos, that means White River) in Thessaly , right inside the green heart [...]

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Trekking in Kisavos

By on November 26th    /    Adventure,Landscapes,People,Thessaly    /    0 Comments
  Driving through the dirt roads of Kissavos mountain in Thessaly, I used to see very often the signed trails of the mountain. And I said to myself that I [...]

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The most beautiful church in Prespa area

By on November 20th    /    Culture,Landscapes,Macedonia,Tops Culture,Tops Landscapes    /    0 Comments
  Every time I come here , in Florina, in Prespa lakes area , and especially on the island of Aghios Ahillios, and the border of Greece , I feel  [...]

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