The most beautiful church in Prespa area

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  Every time I come here , in Florina, in Prespa lakes area , and especially on the island of Aghios Ahillios, and the border of Greece , I feel  [...]

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Olympus: Hiking among Gods

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      “If you go that fast you will collapse…” No. That was not a “good luck”. That was a curse… Ahh… never mind. He was just another crazy [...]

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The sea at Olympus mountain…

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    Olympus mountain… Mediterranean sea…  Nice combination. “But how do the sea and the mountains suit?” My friend kept asking me this as we drove our way to Litochoro [...]

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A beautiful village in Halkidiki mountains

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   “Six souvlaki and two beers .” The smoke from the grills of Agios Prodromos village (famous culinary stop for travelers), at the mountainous Halkidiki , left behind along with [...]

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The angel in Nimfeo

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  We were in Macedonia that time. At the western part. In the Florina region … In Nympheo village, precisely… And I was observing with curiosity at Saint Nicholas, the [...]

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