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The singlino of Mani

By on December 9th    /    Culture,Peloponessus,Taste,Tops Taste    /    0 Comments
  This is not a story . It is a tribute to the most delicious edible good of Mani area. It is an invitation for a “meze” (a Greek way [...]

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The sea bream of the caldera and Ephimios

By on February 13th    /    Cyclades,Islands,People,Taste,Tops Taste    /    0 Comments
  That noon in Ammoudi – the fishing port under the world famous Oia village in Santorini -  the weather was hazy from the southern wind . It was humid [...]

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A strong smell in Gerakas

By on May 2nd    /    Peloponessus,Taste,Tops Taste    /    0 Comments
  The bay is like a fjord … And the hamlet in the port of Gerakas, in northeastern Pelponnesus, is nice: a handful of old fishermen’s houses with arches, many [...]

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“Sterna” and its fairies

By on March 23rd    /    Culture,Epirus,People,Photos,Taste,Tops Taste    /    2 Comments
  I’m sure you’ve heard many extraordinary tales about fairies and their great love for lakes, rivers, cataracts, wells, cisterns, ponds. But this story is not a fairy tale. It [...]

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Next to the sage tree of Milo …

By on March 22nd    /    Culture,Cyclades,Taste,Tops Taste    /    0 Comments
  …there are several things … but certainly not a fish. Although once, when I was traveling in Milos island in summertime, I discovered how nicely the taste a fresh [...]

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