The nest of Kaliakouda

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Kaliakouda is a bird (jackdaw, a short of crow). The Kaliakouda of the title is not a bird. It is mountain . A nice mountain in Evrytania region, in central Greece . The nest is a mountain refuge (metaphorical meaning of course…) and the dirt road that leads you there is wonderful. A super off road route!


The Kaliakouda mountain is rather smooth and without sharp relief It extends at the southeastern part of the Potamia area and it has an altitude of 2,098 meters .The dirt road that leads to refuge crosses superb forests , is 10 km long and starts from the Megalo Horio Village.


Καλιακούδα, Καρπενήσι, ορεινή διαδρομή

 You start the route leaving Megalo Horio Village where you will find the first signs, one of which shows the left road to Stournara village . You will follow that direction and at the next branch you will head back left, following the dirt road to Laccomata . You will ascend among the firs and 3.2 miles later you will pass the right branch leading to the Prophet Elijah and Megalo Horio. You will follow the left road.

The road is rocky and looks solid , but cornering that flowing waters create difficult passages you will probably find holes on the track and fallen rocks , so drive with caution . In approximately 2 km you will find next branch;  avoid the left part, which leads – after about 11 hard miles – somewhere between the villages and Aniada, Mouzilo , and continue to the right road. And you will soon watch the – usually snowy – peak of Kaliakouda mountain.


Καλιακούδα, Καρπενήσι, ορεινή διαδρομή

You will drive between the fir trees that hide the view of the river. In about 1 km you will see right fork which leads you at the Kria Vrisi fountain and Pirgos peak (or Pirgos Volimiou as the state maps call it ). You will overtake this junction .
You will do the same at the next left fork after 700 m.. In the latter turns the trees lower and let you enjoy the beautiful view of the Potamia area and the mountain Chelidona .

This track is surrounded with rocks which, according to locals , accumulate snow that every 10-15 years creates avalanche. This snow lies on the slope and do not melt before August .


Καλιακούδα, Καρπενήσι, ορεινή διαδρομή

In 700 meters you will find one fountain, a nice place to stop and enjoy the cool water  Follow for 1 km the trail that offers beautiful views. When you will pass by a fold over the Malakasa fountain ( many maps incorrectly show it as Kria Vrisi) and immediately you arrive at Laccomata. Here is the chapel of Virgin Mary, the fountain and the monument of the famous Battle of Kaliakouda ; a beautiful landscape beneath the imposing peak of Kaliakouda and overlooking Chelidona mountain.

On August 28, 1823 , here in Laccomata area, Greek warriors tried to prevent the Turks not to reach Messolonghi city, but their efforts had been unsuccessful. 150 Greeks perished between them the chieftains Zygouris , Tzavellas and Nikolios Kontogiannis . Chief Moustai Pasha of Skadar, the Turkish general lost 2,000 men of the Turkish army, in that battle.


Καλιακούδα, Καρπενήσι, ορεινή διαδρομή

Forget the sad stories and look at the wonderful panorama . In front of you now two paths unfold: the left passes the neck to 1,350 meters altitude and leads to Aniada or Psiana, villages; you will follow the right path and you will immediately pass by the Kaliakouda Camps. Considered excellent so – according to locals – many families from big cities send their children here to … become tougher as holidays include walking on the tops of mountains, crossing the canyon of Pantavrechi and other rugged activities!
At the fork after 500 meters , turn right and you will immediately find the organized mountain refuge. If you continue straight the road leads after just 4 km near the top of Kaliakouda mountain and continues to the village of Stournara ( former Doliana) , but during  winter you will hardly manage to cross it by car . From that place you can reach the stunning canyon of Pantavrechi .





Καλιακούδα, Καρπενήσι, ορεινή διαδρομή



Where am I ?

The Kaliakouda mountain is located in Evritania, to the south of Karpenissi town . You will reach it by car, driving to Karpenisi and then continuing to Prousos Monastery on the main street of Potamia area. From Megalo HorioVillage you will catch the dirt road that climbs on the mountain.


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