Alone in Akronafplia

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A very popular cliche for Nafplion says that it is a very “romantic” city, ideal for couples. If you have been in Nafplion and agree with this, then, that afternoon I had been pretty unlucky. Because I was in Nafplion.  And I was alone…

But I was not…

I mean I was not that unlucky. Because when arriving by helicopter at Nafplia palace hotel and after checking in I realized that the polite and generous owners of the hotel made me a unique gift: to stay in the Ambassador Villa next to the ancient walls. “Aah… someone makes fun of me…” I said to the hotel manager who escorted me to the Villa 401. He didn’t say anything. What could he say the poor fellow?


Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία


I knew that villa. I had seen it at a very recent inspection. And I was left speechless; it was divine. And now I would stay here… Alone. I felt that someone with a remarkable sense of humor put me in this little slice of paradise.

Late in the afternoon I jumped in my private pool. It was a rater hot summer day and the pool water was lukewarm. In front of me the tiled neoclassic roofs and domes of the picturesque city of Nafplion were shining in the orange light.

I put my arms in the wet ledge and let my eyes travel over Palamidi castle and the walls of Acronafplia. The villa – my Villa! – is built right next to them. I was touching history in my own room!


Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία


The cicadas were still singing… and it was getting dark; a really hot day. A church bell ringed and on the watch tower of the castle three girls were laughing while eating salty sunflower seeds. They looked at the green courtyard of the villa, the pool and me soaking in the water. Who knows what would they think?

I saw them and I thought about the platitudes about “eroticism” of Nafplion. Perhaps those common stories have a historical basis, though. Nafplios was a handsome man in the wonderful world of ancient Greek mythology.  He was a professional executioner for… women (after he was ordered by their husbands!). But poor Nagflios was a nice guy; he pitied the ladies and left them to live safe in distant places. And of course those ladies worshiped handsome Nafplios, in many tender ways…

He had so much luck to women that, when he learned that the Achaeans killed his son Palamides in Troy, Nafplios made this evil for revenge: he went to find all – yes ALL! – the women of Achaean kings (except Ulysses’ wife Penelope, who was inaccessible as a nun in the desert!) and made them his mistresses. Such a massive orgy has never been done before! That was Nauplios …

Well, maybe that is why the city with his name is so “romantic” today…

Time passed thinking about those stories. I had to go and enjoy the rest of my villa; the bathroom with jacuzzi, steam room and a private gym. I want to drink my wine in the pool while watching the illuminated castles.


Ok, alone. What could I do? I should bear it… (I am joking!)



Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία

(Here are some images from the legendary Ambassador Villa at Nafplia Palace, hotel. And me photographed by a couple of friends. I could not bear such beauty alone, I told you…)


Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία



Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία



Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία



Ναύπλιο, Ακροναυπλία


Where am I?

In Nafplion, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, the first capital of the new Greek state, and a lifetime love capital for couples in Greece, also beloved city of poets and writers. It is located in the Peloponnese, just outside Argos and the quickest way to get there (except the helicopter…) is by car via Argos (the most beautiful route – but with a lot of turns- road is through Epidaurus).

Nafplia palace hotel is hosted at a historic building (the old “Xenia” hotel of Nafplion) built next to the walls of Akronafplia, at the most striking setting of the city. The old wing is renovated gradually (it has an amazing sense from the early 70′s!) while the new wing of the villas is truly exciting. The hotel is a member of the «Preffered Hotels and Resorts», it has 51 rooms and 33 villas of shocking beauty, most with outdoor Jacuzzis and private pools (like mine!) The hotel provides truly luxurious stay in Nafplio today. Words do not describe the feeling, the photos are still few. Only the experience of staying reveals the truth. It also reveals another Nafplion. Love worthy. Yeah, that’s the word …
(More information and a better idea of ​​the hotel and its 5* services at



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