Let’s hit the dirt road in Naxos!

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The march- type title has to do with an off road trail in the beautiful island of Naxos, in Cyclades. In fact this is the LEADING such route on the island. The trail Agiassos – Kalantos !

It is whatever more exciting you can do in Naxos with a vehicle (motorcycle or car)! It is a unique crossing that few people know. Here is how to write the story of your own route…



Νάξος, Αγιάσος, Καλαντός


You start from the beautiful beach of Agiassos by entering the coastal dirt road. You will drive next to the reed wetland and 800 meters from the tarmac you will reach an intersection . The left road is signposted as “Panaya stsi Yiallous” and leads to a remote chapel on the hill. If you are interested in this you should learn that it is a great Byzantine church decorated with famous frescos (painted on the arches and alcoves of the sanctuary) with vivid colors. Dated to the period 1288-1289 .


Νάξος, Αγιάσος, Καλαντός


So, you certainly will not go to the chapel and you will follow the right road and continue along the coast. You will pass the last houses of the village and drive next to wonderful remote beaches decorated with tamarisks and cedars. After those ones you will arrive in a small pebbly beach; from this place the road gets worse and climbs steeply on the cliff.

The track is a bit narrow at this point and the cliff below is too scary but the terrible coastal rocks with dark blue water foaming round them offer you unique images (drive the route in the afternoon so you will have a very sweet light in front of you). The narrow, very closely to the cliff, track, ends soon and the road continues among peaceful landscapes with great views of the coasts. The hills are covered with shrubs and herbs, a few wheat fields and absolute wilderness. Soon you will see in front of you in the picturesque bay of St. Sozon with gray cliffs and turquoise waters, while the slopes descend, covered with yellow fields to the sea.


Νάξος, Αγιάσος, Καλαντός


In the most sheltered corner of the bay shines the chapel of St. Sozon with its conical dome, like snow white dove.

The road after Saint Sozon leads to other small coves with beautiful emerald waters – like the bay of Stivos – and suddenly it starts going up sharply. Here is probably the hardest part because the slope is constant and long and the road – God makes it “the road”… - is just endless piles of sharp boulders. Once you pass the wild part you will see from above a most compassionate picture: the magnificent bay of Kalantos. The road then continues much better and passes near small beaches but after a while it goes through the fields and stockyards (at both the two intersections you will meet on the way you have to turn right), descends on the eastern edge of the bay and meets the main asphalt paved road. Note that till the end of the route you will stop your vehicle many times, go down and open the doors that farmers have put and which cut vertical the street (across the route from Agiassos you will find somewhere from 10 to 12 such doors!). The overall distance of the route from Agiassos to Kalantos beach is 11,7 km.


Νάξος, Αγιάσος, Καλαντός


CAUTION ! This route is particularly difficult and you will need a vehicle to fully trust and know well, such as a lightweight enduro bike with good off road tires or definitely a real 4×4 jeep ( with short gears) and decent dirt tires. There are some parts of the route that will test both the strength of the vehicle and yours so if you are not sure about them do not try the route or simply take a just a hike along this road. Hiking this track is very exciting as well!


Νάξος, Αγιάσος, Καλαντός



Where am I?

Agiassos village is located in the southwest part of Naxos and you can get there following a good asphalt road. You will reach Naxos by boat from the port of Piraeus and by airplane  from Eleftherios Venizelos Athens airport.


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