Eating tuna 2000 years ago!

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Poros … what a dream …

At that particular time I’ve left the old seamen’s village and the memories of the cosmopolitan life-style of the early 20th century and I have started climbing the  mountains.

Far away from the old Russian naval base, the road bends gently to the north within a panorama of bays and capes covered with oaks, wild olive trees and many pines.


Ναός Ποσειδώνα, Πόρος

Vineyards succeeded pines: I am in Fousia area, a countryside famous for its grapes. And then, all of a sudden up there in the mountains, I saw… a temple of Poseidon! Such an unusual spectacle… A temple of the ancient god of the seas. Like finding a Prophet Elijah’s church (they are all built on the peaks of the mountains!) by the sea (for such a church you will read elsewhere). This temple of the god of the sea, maybe is built on the mountains, but on the other hand is facing a fascinating panorama of the Saronic Gulf that leaves me speechless: Methana, Aegina, Moni, Petrokaravo and deeper Sounion, Attica! Even the Cyclades islands all appear from far away. Wonderful!

The remains of the temple are scarce because it was destroyed severely. The well cut stones were an amazing building material! Foreign travelers have recorded since the 18th century the transportation of ancient marble from Poros to build the monastery Zourva in the nearby Hydra island.

Up until the early 20th century boats from Hydra came here and took stones for building! Fortunately some relics that recall the once glorious temple survived. That’s because the plot of the temple – which until 1976 belonged to some resin collectors – was expropriated by the state…

Ναός Ποσειδώνα, Πόρος


“What a pity”, I think walking through the thick grass and daisies which bloom in the rubble, “nothing remained to remind one of this resplendent temple where the great orator Demosthenes came as a suppliant, in 322 BC.”At that time the temple was an asylum (and the center of an Amphictyony). Demosthenes eventually committed suicide here,so, not to surrender to his Macedonians pursuers who wanted to drag him a prisoner in Athens. The temple was built in 520 BC Today I can only see a few stones of the foundation. Ancillary buildings are better off.

Around the temple there was an ancient city named Kalavria. As Swedish archaeologists are still excavating the area (both the temple and the ancient city). Swedes also discovered the church in 1894. Recent excavations revealed indeed the ancient remains of a dinner which was served here. The menu included pork fricassee and fresh tuna! What an information …

I sat under a tree to take a breath. I tried to imagine what the dinner looked like here, high in the mountains with pine trees and beautiful views. Did they have a moon-night? Did they have music? How many were the guests? The ladies, were they beautiful; I do not know. I only know that the tuna was fresh.

I have to go … To descend to the picturesque bay of Vagionia (where was also located the port of ancient Kalavria) to buy a couple of bass from the fish farm for dinner…


Ναός Ποσειδώνα, Πόρος



Where am I?

Poros is one of the Saronic Islands and it is located almost right on the coast of Argolis. The quickest way to reach the island is by the modern high-speed boats which leave daily from the port of Piraeus.






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  1. Freya
    Dec 29, 2012

    WoW Poros looks absolutely beautiful, great photos as well !

    • Antonis
      Jan 04, 2013

      Thanks Freya. I am flattered…

  2. Love the picture this paints in my mind’s eye!

    • Antonis
      Jan 04, 2013

      Thanks Emma! Really poetic commment…

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