Spring beaches in Mykonos

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I do not know if you like Mykonos.

Even if you are not interested for the crazy nightlife of the island.

Even if you do not want to see the “rich and famous” on the summer catwalk of the Mykonos town.

Even if you do not care about the Cycladic architecture.

Even though, you should want to get to Mykonos for the island’s amazing beaches, which are among the most beautiful of the Cyclades and the entire Aegean sea.

In Mykonos there are beaches for all tastes: beaches full of umbrellas, sun beds and opulent five stars service, beaches specialized in water sports and activities, beaches for gays, for straights and for party animals, beaches for alternative travellers and hermits, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters,  pebbles surrounded by lunar rocks, falling vertically into the blue depths.

The best of them are located on the southern coastline of the island, so they are protected  from the  strong summer northern winds. The vast majority of the island’s beaches are accessible by road. Only a few of them are reached by trail and some beaches are accessible only by boat.

The island has beaches for everyone literally. You cannot find a more democratic island in this field in all around Cyclades!

Here are some images from the Mykonos beaches  after a trip I made during the springtime. Maybe they look a little melancholic, a little cloudy but they are still beautiful. Perhaps the are more beautiful than summertime… deserted  without the fuss from the beach bars, without boats and yachts without poses and show off.

Yes, I know. They resemble the Cyclades islands as they were years ago …



Μύκονος, παραλίες Megali Nammos


Μύκονος, παραλίες

Platis Gialos


Μύκονος, παραλίες



Μύκονος, παραλίεςParadise


Μύκονος, παραλίες



Μύκονος, παραλίες Kalo Livadi


Where am I?

Mykonos is the most famous island of Greece and one of the top travel destinations in the world. The fastest way to reach Mykonos is by plane. The most popular is by regular ferry boat from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina.



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