The “John Dory” fishes in Paros

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  I’ve seen this village on thousands of postcards of Paros island. Yet it is always beautiful. I am writing about Naoussa village, (in Paros, not in Macedonia) and its [...]

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A cool church in Naxos….

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  It was noon in the hinterland of Naxos island, in Cyclades, under the heat of July; a tough time to do field research. I had tried to find the [...]

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Flies in Emporio

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    Truly weird title huh?  I was close to Perissa beach, at Emporio, the largest village of Santorini, sitting in a shade close to the Main Gate of the [...]

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The underworld of Christians

By on February 23rd    /    Culture,Cyclades    /    2 Comments
    We live in times where the freedom to believe in any god of your choice is considered to be a given. Here I am in Milos island. It [...]

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