Nemesis in Rhamnus

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This story has to do with justice, in a way… And it is quite old. it dates since the Battle of Marathon, in Ancient Greece. It is a story about [...]

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When the Dragon is missing…

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  The dragon of our story is missing a long time ago. Maybe he has never existed before. But his house, however, is there, located in Kapsala village, near Styra [...]

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A small garden in Rovies

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  That autumn I was traveling in northern Evia and I spent one night in Rovies village , admiring the beautiful olive groves flowing greenish and tufted on the fields [...]

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Where is the vampire ?

By on July 26th    /    Central Greece,Islands,Landscapes,Photos,Sporades,Tops Landscapes    /    0 Comments
      In Skyros island! In Skyros ?   I need to clarify something first. Yes , I know that the blog is dedicated to Greece and not to [...]

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