Trekking in Kisavos

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  Driving through the dirt roads of Kissavos mountain in Thessaly, I used to see very often the signed trails of the mountain. And I said to myself that I [...]

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A wedding in Trikeri

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    Trikeri is the last village, at the very edge of Pagassitikos Gulf. You arrive there coming from Volos city and Argalasti village. This uniquely beautiful hamlet is surrounded [...]

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The pirates do not stay in Alonissos

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    The title is a truism of course… Neither in Alonissos island or elsewhere in Greece there are pirates . Piracy in the Greek seas ended around the late [...]

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In Skopelos, at Saint John’s chapel

By on July 30th    /    Adventure,Culture,Islands,People,Sporades,Thessaly    /    0 Comments
    We had been with my photographer in Skopelos island earlyin the summer , a year after the movie Mama mia was shot in that very island. The whole [...]

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