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The following may sound very “formal” and “strict”. Well, what can I do? The times are strange and even a simple website like “thegreektraveller.com” must have a certain operating framework. Something like this:

Who owns this?
Naturally  the: “thegreektraveller.com” i.e. me .The entire website (texts, information, pictures, maps and generally all exposed “stuff”) is copyright property of “www.thegreektraveller.com” and ruled by national and international copyright laws. If photos from other photographers are hosted in this blog there will be a credit to them. Any physical use of the content of the website, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, download, translation or modification is forbidden in any way, without the prior permission of the owner.

Those are the basic rules about the property rights, because the  real joy of this journey into “thegreektraveller.com” belongs to you, my visitors.

Talking about what is valid and what is not
Things in life change, naturally. So it is possible (despite my efforts for all the material to be correct) to find some of the information in “thegreektraveller.com” – especially practical information- which may have ceased to exist or has changed (please, let me know, I will appreciate that very much). The website assumes no responsibility for any consequences or losses incurred to guest users from using such information.

My effort for all information to be precise and up to date is continuous (and if  any  errors occur there will be corrected immediately). That is my promise to you.

Thank you!


The website “thegreektraveller.com” and Antonis Iordanoglou have no responsibility for any damage, loss, liability, costs or expenses caused to any visitor – user from using the website. The content of “thegreektraveller.com” offered “as it is”. The website  “thegreektraveller.com” and the owner does not give any warranties regarding the site or its contents.
The website  “thegreektraveller.com” and the owner refuse all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, those, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
The website  “thegreektraveller.com” and the owner are not in any way to guarantee the accuracy, completeness or availability of content, web services, choices or outcomes. The cost for eventual corrections or services is borne by the visitor – user and in no case “thegreektraveller.com” and its owner. The website  “thegreektraveller.com” and the owner have no responsibility for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits or income arising from the use of this website.
The information and content of “thegreektraveller.com” is not in any way be interpreted as valid information or advice or hide in any case any inducements to do or not do these acts.
Visitors – users to of “thegreektraveller.com” use the services on their own initiative and undertake the responsibility to check the information provided. The site content is not and can not be considered in any way, directly or indirectly, encouragement, guidance, or advice to any act or omission. So it is at the discretion of users – personal visitors to evaluate and act on their own volition. In each case the site is not responsible for the above options of the users-visitors.
The website assumes no responsibility for any material or information or services that exist on other websites which are shown here. The site does not verify the availability, content, policy of protection of personal data, the quality and completeness of other web sites and pages and of course does not guarantee the quality of other sites listed here through “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore, for any problem or damage arising during the visit from their use, the user must apply directly to the web sites and pages, which bear the entire responsibility for the provision of those services. The cost for eventual corrections or services is borne by the visitor – user and in no way is the responsibility of the site.

These terms are governed and interpreted by Greek laws. Responsible for any dispute are the courts of Athens.

About Comments

The debate, commentary and creative criticism are things very important for “thegreektraveller.com”. It is absolutely requisite and desirable. Of course comments are due to feedback control inevitably because, eh… the “demon” of the web always sneaks somewhere!
Lets be somewhat clear: comments with abusive, aggressive, racist and offensive content are rejected. The same applies for comments that conceal indirect advertising, comments unrelated to the content of the blog, comments which attack, insult or offend others, and comments that have personal information to third parties. So, apart from all the above all comments are acceptable and desirable (but if I miss something, or I’ve cut something wrongly I can gladly rectify)

So comment as much as you want!

About Privacy policy
The website “thegreektraveller.com” does not collect personal data. If the visitor wants to leave a comment (a good and desirable thing to do)- so that the blog improves. I ask for a valid e-mail to avoid “bad guys “, i.e. spammers. The site “thegreektraveller.com” undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish such mail.
In short: I do not collect personal data. I don’t need them. I collect travel experiences. And I share them with you.
Now about the “traces” as you surf the internet this has to do with cookies and settings of your browser. If you do not know how to erase them ask your computer friend. They say it’s easy …

It goes without saying that if you use the pages of “thegreektraveller.com” you accept it’s terms of use. I think it is fair enough, since most of them are simply self-evident.

After the exposure of all this material, which is hard to digest – I must admit – lets travel in the most unknown and fascinating locations in Greece!

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