The sea at Olympus mountain…

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Olympus mountain… Mediterranean sea…  Nice combination. “But how do the sea and the mountains suit?”

My friend kept asking me this as we drove our way to Litochoro village and the Hotel “Olympus Mediterranean”. But… the sea… and the mountains in one? … What a name….

But of course. What else could be more fitting? Oh yes… I forgot to tell you that few people know this fitting before they come here. Litochoro is certainly the “gateway” to Mt Olympus. Is the passage for all climbers and hikers to the mythical mountain. The word “Litochoro”  comes in your mind and you imagine mountains, firs, pines and alpine trails.

And you come here and you see a village of seamen! With old anchors laying by the courtyards of the houses, with a naval museum, with everything that marks a village connected with the sea. But I will write another post.
for my beloved Litochoro.


Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία


George Papamichail, the hospitable and generous hotel manager of the Olympus Mediterranean hotel welcomed us smiling by the bright foyer. Almost exhausted from fatigue and the 5 hours driving we stepped to room 306, my favorite room (it was not occupied… thanks to George).

The room was warm, with a lovely scent of flowers and with a generous fire glowing by the fireplace. I fell asleep while browsing the pages of the wonderful album of the Swiss photographer and climber Fred Boissonas. It was about the first ascent of Mount Olympus in 1913. Actually I thought I heard in my sleep the footsteps of those pioneers climbers, while hiking on the eternal snows of Olympus…



Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία


The gray light of the winter morning along with a thin morning fog draped like a sheet over the roofs of the village. I looked out of my balcony. What a view… After so many years of returning to Litochoro only here, in this very corner I still enjoy such an image. The morning fog in the background was hiding the shores of Halkidiki peninsulas. Only the peak of Mount Athos was coming out of it.



Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία



I saw the scenery from the window while chewing my crunchy omelet. Somewhere here, around the village, the ancient city of Pimpleia was built. Its inhabitants worshiped Orpheus, the famous musician, and the Muses. Some myths say that Orpheus was even the mythical king of Pimpleia.

Things are complicated with ancient Greek myths. Anyway Orpheus fled for years in these places weeping for the loss of Eurydice. And during his mourning he forgot and despised the orgies and feasts that celebrated the new god, Dionysus, those feasts and ceremonies which were spread like an epidemic in ancient Macedonia and Thrace.

Dionysus of course could not tolerate disrespect, like none of the ancient gods. He sent the Maenads to find Orpheus who was strolling in the surrounding forests of Mount Olympus. There the Maenads captured poor Orpheus and shredded him to pieces … And then they washed their bloody hands in Enipeas, the legendary river of Litochoro. The water was painted by the innocent blood of the ancient musician and therefore the ancient inhabitants of the place named the river Vafyras (that means “the painted one”).

How I came to all this sad story that beautiful winter morning? I drank a last sip of coffee and I left. The snowy peaks of the mountain Olympous glowed far away. I should went for hiking along the canyon of Vafyras river.

Eh … I meant…. Enipeas river. Things are complicated with ancient Greek myths.

I told you…



Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία





Where am I?

Litochoro village is located in central Macedonia, by the foot of mount Olympus. The beautiful village is located just beside the modern AthensThessaloniki National highway. And so you get there with safe and as fast as you can!


Olympus Mediterranean hotel is located in Litochoro village, very close to the central square. It is undoubtedly the top suggestion for accommodation at this legendary village and the definition of luxury living by the “gates of Olympus” (keen climbers call Litochoro like that). The decor of the hotel follows neoclassical lines and exudes elegance and luxury.

The 23 rooms and suites are comfortable and spacious, they all have different colors at their decor and special combinations of furniture and fabrics, while at the bathrooms you can find Jacuzzis. My favorite room is 306: it is not the most spacious but I love it. The view from its balconies always leaves me speechless (enjoying there my tasty breakfast is one of the great joys of life). The staff tries very hard and the service is kept in particularly high levels. That’s why the hotel has big fans. The next time – when my schedule will be more relaxed – I will try the pretty, heated indoor pool with the Jacuzzis and the sauna.

The staff tries very hard and the service is kept in particularly high levels. That’s why the hotel has big fans. The next time – when my schedule will be more relaxed – I will try the pretty, heated indoor pool with the Jacuzzis and the sauna.

The experience of staying in this hotel reveals a very special Litochoro, seductive and voluptuous.

Further information about the hotel and its services can be found in its official website



Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία



Λιτόχωρο, Όλυμπος, Πιερία


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