Travelling with Chinese friends (3)

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I insist that the best time to see the Cyclades is autumn. Yes I know. Nobody believes me … What can I do …


Δήλος - Μύκονος


Δήλος - Μύκονος


We met with the friends from Beijing and Shanghai in a nearly empty (and excellent…) Mykonos at the beginning of October. And then came a terrific day at Delos and Renia islands. From this day came the pictures you see below.


Δήλος - Μύκονος



Δήλος - Μύκονος



Δήλος - Μύκονος


But here I am writing stories, no itineraries. Therefore, behold the third story of the journey with Chinese friends:

The Zhuangzi told this story to his students to make an observation and to show them a new way of thinking.

One day a keeper at a zoo went to feed the animals. He told the monkeys:

“Today you’ll get 3 bananas in the morning and 4 bananas in the afternoon.”

All monkeys were upset. They were screaming and shouting with a really angry manner…

“Okay, okay …” the guard shouted at the monkeys. “Then you will get 4 bananas in the morning and 3 bananas in the afternoon?”

Hearing this, the monkeys felt satisfied and stopped screaming.

“The above story,” said Zhuangzi «shows that we need to realize that sometimes a change in words does not represent a real change” …


Δήλος - Μύκονος


The Celebrity and Media Fam Trip that I had the honor to participate and co-design was organized by the new Tour Operator My Odyssey.

We sailed to Delos and Renia islands with the excellent catamaran “Anassa”, managed by the “L’o Yachting” company. Captain George, the beautiful hostess Maria, captain Laurent and the rest of our crew offered us great hospitality. “Voyages bonnes, mers bonnes” …to everybody…

The history of Confucius is translated from the website:


Δήλος - Μύκονος




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