Trekking in Kisavos

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Driving through the dirt roads of mountain in , I used to see very often the signed trails of the mountain. And I said to myself that I definitely had to walk along one of them once.


The trails here in Kissavos are generally smooth and easy (as well as the generally smooth terrain of the mountain) and they have no big elevation differences. One of the best known and famous trails is the one that starts from Spilia village and goes up to the Kissavos refuge on the mountain top. That time, I thought it is quite hard for me to hike there (not to mention that there were some weirdly heavy clouds too…) and I decided to leave that for another time (when I could walk it along with the other nice path between the villages Metaxochori and Anatoli).

The other famous and well signed path is the one that crosses the stream of Velika, close to village; I walked this trek and I enjoyed it much. Walking in Kisavos is the best way to get to know in depth the extraordinary scenery of the mountain; little trouble but great enjoyment.

Here is some information if you want to come too. To choose your stay click here.

Κίσαβος, Βελίκα, Μελιβοία


Melivia – Velika Trail (Velika Creek)

The trail starts just outside Melivia and is adequately marked throughout its length. Of course, you will prefer the downhill (you may start the morning with dew…) and give appointment with your friends at sea, where the trail ends. You will need approximately 2 -2.5 hours, depending on the pace and stops. Generally it is easy and you will not face any trouble.

The trail passes through the heart of the stream crossing beautiful landscapes with forests of chestnut and walnut trees and dense ferns. During summer and early autumn water is scarce but anyway will not get into the stream since there are many stylish wooden bridges.

You will find pagodas, benches, wooden tables and fountains in many parts of the route and undoubtedly the highlight of the trail is the small waterfall with a charming pond, forming beautiful gray-green and smooth rocks.


Κίσαβος, Βελίκα, Μελιβοία

The only problem of this hike is that the trail is quite popular and outdoorsy (the most insensitive of them) use to leave colorful garbage, especially along the areas that they use to stop and rest. Unfortunately some locals dirty on their turn the heavenly stream (we found even a discarded tractor tire in!). The love for nature in Greece is a much misunderstood subject, in the end…

Some of the points of a greatest interest are the faucet in Pashia spot, the recreation area near Tsouvala spot (where you will find some more tap water), the waterfall, and fountains at Kipos, Davli and Tsiokanos spots. In the end the trail meets the asphalt road and shortly after that you will reach the sea, just beside a coffee house. Time for iced coffees and snacks!


Κίσαβος, Βελίκα, Μελιβοία

Κίσαβος, Βελίκα, Μελιβοία


Where am I?

At Kissavos, a very beautiful mountain in Thessaly, located next to the famous and very close to the equally famous mountain. To reach Melivia (from where you start the trail) you will follow the National Athens – Thessaloniki Highway to the junction of Agia and from there you will follow provincial and adequately signposted mountain asphalt roads. For guided mountain activities at Kissavos click here.


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