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Welcome to the blog «thegreektraveller»! Its object is travelling in Greece, especially in the most unknown and unexplored parts of the mainland and the islands. It is a journey into the culture, monuments, landscapes, adventure, cuisine and finally people. A blog about travel in the  countryside ; unknown to tourists, unknown to many travellers, even unknown to the most of the Greeks! A blog full of stories and pictures of my rare  and unusual travels. But, it’s also a blog to inspire you to travel to this charming and mysterious place called Greece. After all, it is a blog about stories that are narrated to you by a friend, who has just returned from his exotic tours of Greece.


Μέτσοβο Βοβούσα - Ποθητός 198

Welcome to the unknown Greece!


My journey and your own one

Each trip is a work of art. The creator is the traveller himself. You, of course. So my personal explorations of Greece are something of raw material aimed to design your own travel. A spark, an inspiration, a look. An appetizer of a large rich table. Just a spoonful taken out from an ocean of beauty!

Two Greeces

Through the pages of the blog you will discover stories from the known and – most importantly – the unknown Greece. Which after so many years did not stop to inspire me. I collected and still collect moments of beauty and a whole flow of knowledge encompassing images, texts and maps. I am constantly uploading these stories on the pages of the blog that you have just opened. So that, as many travellers as possible can find out about the two faces of Greece. The officially touristic one. And the other one, the more magical and attractive one.

Identity card

I’m Antonis Iordanoglou and I am a Greek professional travel- writer, journalist, photographer and cartographer. I started travelling when I stopped teaching mathematics, the topic of my main studies. I have written many travel guides for the most unknown parts of Greece and I have made a plethora of maps and coffee table books. After hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the mountains, islands, and the coastline of Greece with motorcycles, jeeps, boats, bicycles  and many times on foot… so, after countless publications, maps and articles in all the travel magazines and newspapers of the country, I am here. And I have created this blog, delivering all my inner travel knowledge to you. But, why?

Firstly because I want to share with as many friends of Greece, as possible, the secret of secrets and to reveal a country totally unknown to all foreign and indigenous visitors.
Secondly, because most visitors come to Greece, mostly at the well-known places and they miss the chance to discover the rest, i.e. the charming, but little  developed  and unknown country: to discover the Soul of Greece.
Thirdly, because I think travelling may change you; furthermore a visit to the culture and the mysterious landscape of genuine Greece is such a travel.

And fourthly because through the pages of the blog …

I am motivated to continue writing about travel. And I will travel again and again in order to able to write …

Τρίκερι, Πήλιο Looking for the unknown Greece…


How to browse the blog

What, therefore, a real traveller looks for? Fascinating landscapes untouched by human presence, indelible scars of history and culture of the place, the architectural heritage, monuments, traditions and customs, art, books and music. Flavors and traditional cuisine, which is in itself an important form of culture (and a great  joy to the traveller as well…). Little action is needed to  reach  the  most untouched and inaccessible landscapes and monuments. People  who are willing to tell their stories, through which the visitor will re-discover history and culture. All these things are arranged on the pages of the blog. They are just a click away.

Places: Islands and mainland Greece. All sorted into geographical sections.

Culture: Architecture, churches and monasteries, archaeological sites and other monuments, castles and forts, traditions and customs, art, old and modern books and music. And much more …

People: Personal stories, professions that are lost, portraits of ordinary Greeks whom I met travelling and they made my own journey so much more exciting and beautiful.

Adventure: The joy of boosting your adrenaline in Greece. That is: Mountaineering, 4×4, trekking, canyoning, spearfishing and freestyle diving, mountain bike, sailing, inflatables, scuba-diving and much more.

Flavor: Recipes from all over Greece, traditional cooking, housewives in villages who opened the secrets of their cuisine to me. Very specialized restaurants and taverns all over Greece honouring  their homeland.

Luxury & Tradition: Selected choices for all kinds of accommodation: From five star luxury boutique  hotels to small pensions and authentic rural tourist motels. All selected on the basis of originality and of a high quality hosting.

Top gear: Travel equipment reviews, books, guides, maps, electronics, photographic stuff and… a lot more.

Photos: Enjoy inside the blog some of the most interesting photographic subjects.

Secret Land: The strangest articles, the most unusual places and images, making a trip to Greece inevitably “exotic”!

More information?

Did you like my stories? Do you want to learn more about the places I visited? Do you want up to date advice about the most not so “famous” and well known corners of Greece? Do you want addresses, names and phone numbers? Send me an e-mail and I will reply as soon as possible on the information you want, checked and updated.

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Did you like a story? Or, is there something you did not like? Your opinion is extremely important to me. Besides, the real protagonists here are the blog’s – readers themselves. I am very much interested in what you like and what you do not like, if something is wrong, if you disagree with something,feel free to suggest a good idea for something new.
So if you want,you  are more than welcome to point out your comment or opinion in the space under the appropriate topic. Or just forward me an e-mail.



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