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Travels of any kind
Family trips, press trips, presentations of destinations and businesses. As a travel journalist and author of such trips, they were for me a field for numerous creative collaborations. Contact me and we’ll talk… preferably on location!

Travel for presentations in other media
I am and I remain a freelance travel writer and journalist who has also worked extensively at the “old” media, articles written on paper, I mean – soon you will see my portfolio with all the work that’s been done –  so naturally, we can discuss all kinds of tasks and assignments. Paper or digital the quality of work must be one and the same. Don’t you think so?

Presentation of products and services
My views  remain as objective as possible, honest and committed to specific standards on the travel experience which I served for many years. Is your product good enough? Is the service that your bussiness offers of a high level? Then we can meet somewhere.

With a great view… and a good coffee if it is possible …

Articles, photos, maps, travel guides
What you see here is a fraction of the material I have created and which is continuously enriched. Do you like it? If so, you can buy any form of such material about travelling in Greece – the known and the unknown one… Just contact me, to see how this is feasible. After all there is no charge for… communication.

There are many ways to advertise here. And they all start with a simple mail.

Escorts for travelers
Beyond  all the above, part of my job was to escort travelers for years in some specially planned trips. Are you thinking of an “unusual” trip to Greece? Do you want to combine luxury and routes out of the beaten track? Do you want to make a journey of adventure, a wine tasting experience, meet the culture, or just take really great pictures of unknown places in Greece? We can perform all these activities together. Whether simply we sit down and design with you your schedule or travel together in a fully customized trip. I, for example, was almost always traveling alone. On such trips, I have always  discovered a great pleasure: that of sharing knowledge and experience. Give it a try!

Promotional posts made by others
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