Travelling with Chinese friends (1)

This is no ordinary story.

This is not even a story.


Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός

This is a journey but different, with different kind of visitors, with different kind of experiences.

But I, at this website, I have promised stories.
So here is a different kind of them (photos are from the boat trip VouliagmeniHydra).


Ύδρα, ΣαρωνικόςΎδρα, Σαρωνικός


As he was expecting Confucius, Tsing, the Duke of Chi, noticed:

“I can not welcome him with the same protocol as the one that I used for a member of family Chi from Lu. I will behave as if he is somewhere between the family Chi and the family Meng. “

Later the Duke added:
“I’m too old to make such reforms. I can not use him… “

And Confucius left …


Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός


Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός


Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός

The Celebrity and Media Fam Trip – that I had the honor to participate and co-design – was organized by My Odyssey Tour Operator.

The yacht that appears in the fotos is the exceptional Absolute King, owned by the Variety Cruises company. The Director Anthony Stelliatos who accompanied us, the Captain Vassilis and all the crew indulged us with their hospitality.

The story of Confucius comes from the homonymous book by James R. Ware, Cactus publications, Athens.

Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός


Ύδρα, Σαρωνικός


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